K-12 Personalized Education Solutions

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  • A-Kids for grade 3-5

  • A-GPA for grade 6-12

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Counseling and Applications at 7EDU

College applications, extracurricular activities, academic planning, character building, and emotional growth.

Industry Shadowing at 7EDU

Positions open in fast-growing, cutting-edge companies: tech, finance, non-profit, education, the arts, and more.

Independent Projects at 7EDU

Work with industry experts to develop projects of your own in Engineering, Business, Research, and Design.

Art & Design Courses at 7EDU

Portfolio, art & design projects in illustration, game design, animation, fashion, product design, and more.            

7EDU Volunteer Local and Global

Explore the world, make a lasting impact on communities.

Comprehensive reading skills, critical thinking, academic writing, writing competitions, book club, authors club, reading assessment

Entrepreneurship Business and Investment courses at 7EDU

Learn from experienced mentors in startups and investment.

VIP Full Package

We utilize the entire team of teachers, counselors, and administrators to support each of our students.

1-on-1 Tutoring

Personalize the class content to accommodate the students' need by maximizing their productivity .  

Small Group Classes

Small student/teacher ratio. Optimize every student's learning experiences.


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The 7EDU promise:
Our experienced, dedicated instructors are committed to your child's success.