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Writing Contest

Start your professional writing journey! Share your story of perseverance to win Great America tickets, movie tickets, and free coaching sessions from experts in the field.
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How to Enter

Our first 7EDU Impactful Authors Writing Contest is open for entries. 

Students may submit their original work on the 7EDU portal.

>> Click HERE to submit your entry <<

Contest Requirements

The theme this year is perseverance. Please follow the word limits. 

Beginning Writers G1-2: 100 - 250 words

Novice Writers G3-4: 200 - 350 words

Intermediate Writers G5-6: 250 - 400 words

Proficient Writers G7-8: 350 - 500 words

Experienced Writers: 400 - 600 words  

Who can Enter

Beginning Writers: G1-2 (L1/L2) 

Novice Writers: G3-4 (L2/L3)

Intermediate Writers: G5-6 (L4)

Proficient Writers: G7-8 (L5)

Experienced Writers G9-10 (L6)

Award Selection

The 7EDU CRW teaching committee will select the winners based on our Narrative Rubrics. 

Jun 6: First day to enter
Aug 12: Last day to enter 
Sep 15: Announce winners
Sep 16: Last day to sign the Publication Release Form.                                           

Call for Submissions

Have you ever accomplished something after nearly giving up on yourself? There's an old saying that goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." It means when you want to achieve something, don't let your initial failure set you back. We have all persevered through challenges at one time or another. Maybe it was a school assignment, a musical piece, a new skill, or a personal goal we set for ourselves. The common thread among these is that they take time and dedication to achieve, and there can be obstacles along the way. Yet we keep going, remaining steadfast in our determination to succeed.

In this contest, students will write an original nonfiction story about a challenge they faced with perseverance, how they overcame it, and what they learned from it. The winning stories will be shared via social media and published on the 7EDU website and in our newsletter. 

Rewards and Schorlaships

"The Best Story"

The winner with the best story will get a free Great America ticket. 

"Future Scholars"

The students with the greatest potential in each category will receive one-on-one writing competition coaching sessions (worth $400


The best students in each grade will receive a movie ticket or a book from our recommended booklist