Meet Our Teachers and Counselors


We are a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers and mentors who believe that with strong academic and psychological support,  every student can maximize his/her full potential. 

Ms. Jun 

Founder of 7EDU
Head of Counselors
17 Years of Experience in Counseling

Jun is an expert in helping students explore their academic and extracurricular interests, and develop customized plans to build an outstanding portfolio for their college applications.

Dr. Yan 

Co-Founder of 7EDU
Postdoc Researcher, Medical Informatics, Stanford University
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering
Head of STEM Counselors

A tenured college professor, a former postdoc at Stanford University and data scientist at Coursera.

Dr. Lucian

Ph.D. in Communication Studies Experienced Counselor

As a former department chair, a tenured professor, an academic advisor, and an admissions committee member of undergraduate and graduate programs at George Washington University, Dr. Lu has years of experience in mentoring students and a proven track record in sending students to top schools.

Ms. Aimee

B.A. from UCLA
Master of Humanities from the University of Chicago Studied law at Duke University  Experienced Counselor

Aimee has a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA, a Master of Humanities from the University of Chicago, and studied Law at Duke University.

Dr. Nieman

Ph.D. in English Literature
Tenured college professor

With a Ph.D. in English Literature and over 10 years of hands-on classroom experience, Dr. Nieman has an enduring passion for helping students master every facet of language-based testing challenges. 

Ms. Sarah-Ann

B.A. in History, English, German
M.S. in Educational HR Development

J.D. from Regent University, School of Law 

Sarah has over 20 years of professional teaching experience and certifications to teach English, English as a Second Language, German and History.

Mr. Lorry

B.A. in English & Communication, University of Illinois

Lorry is an experienced High School and Middle School English teacher, who also has an extensive background teaching high school seniors how to prepare for college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT.

Dr. Anthony

B.A. in Linguistics, Yale

M.A. & Ph.D. in Linguistics, USC  Experienced Counselor

Dr. Anthony has 25+ years of academic experience, helping many students prepare for various standardized tests (e.g., SAT, ACT, ISEE, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and AP English) and passionate about bringing out the best stories for students on their college applications.

Mr. Clint

Bachelor of Philosophy from Harvard University
Experienced Counselor

Secure Admissions across top universities

Between his studies at Yale and Harvard, Clint became an internationally published playwright, poet, and philosopher. He was awarded Harvard’s Artist Development Fellowship in 2009 and was also one of only 100 Harvard College students selected for the Harvard Business Leadership Program in 2010.

Dr. Mitchell

Ph.D. in Mathematics, Texas A&M University

B.S. in Mathematics

9+ years of experience in teaching

Dr. Mitchell is a mathematician with 9+ years of experience in teaching math to students ranging from high school to college levels. As an AIME qualifier twice during his high school, Zach also enjoys coaching students with math competitions.

Dr. Donselman

Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania

Alumni Admissions Interviewer for University of Pennsylvania

Experienced in SAT preparation

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Donselman has taught reading, writing, history, and test prep both overseas and in the United States.  Dr. Donselman's favorite teaching assignment was teaching freshman writing at the University of California, San Diego, where students affectionately called him "T-Diddy."  

Ms. Michelle

BS and MS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC Berkeley

CA Math teaching credential

Former Principal Hardware Engineer, Oracle


Michelle persevered to earn her BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, and she worked for over 25+ years as a Computer Hardware Design Engineer.  

Ms. Mary

Bachelors in Biochemistry


As an eager high school freshman, Mary got her first job teaching her peers as a math teacher. More than 10 years later, her passion for educating others has continued and expanded, now including subjects like physics, biology, chemistry, SAT, ACT, and AP test prep, just to name a few. She earned her bachelor's degree in biochemistry and her undergraduate research focused on taste quantification.   

Dr. Jing

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
M.S. in Cryogenics Engineering
B.S. in Applied Physics


Dr. Jing is a highly qualified educator with over 15 years of teaching experience at both the high school and college level, including Advanced Placement courses in calculus and physics. 100% of his students earned a 5 in the AP Physics C exam while 80% achieved a high score of 800 in the SAT Math 2 exam.  

Dr. Cecilia

Assistant Professor, University of West Florida

Post-doc scientist at UC Berkeley

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Cao has published almost 20 papers in famous academic journals and she is a well-respected guest speaker at MIT. As an interdisciplinary scientist, an artist, and a national athlete, Dr. Cao is passionate about discovering a beautiful relationship among Science, Art, Sports and Humanity.  

Mr. Collin

B.S. in Physics

Master in Teaching

Teaching certificates for Physics & Math

Collin has 11 years of teaching experience as a science and math teacher at the high school and middle school levels, as well as experience as a college math teacher, a student-teacher, and small group leader. He has created a curriculum for A.P. Physics, and middle/high school science and math.  

Ms. Lisa

M.S. in Educational Psychology

Lisa has been helping students grow academically for over twenty years as an educator with a passion for teaching Language Arts, AP English, Reading, Writing, and SAT/ACT prep courses.  

Mr. Jonathan

Master of Arts in Education, UC Davis
B.S. in Psychology
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Jonathan has a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Education, a Master of Arts in Education, and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the University of California, Davis.  

Ms. Keka

M.S, Physics

Ms. Keka Kar has a M.S. Degree in Physics. She is a veteran teacher of Physics and Chemistry for almost 20 years. She has taught various science subjects to high school students, including AP Physics and Chemistry. 

Mr. Darius

B.A. M.A. in Education, Stanford University

Darius obtained a Bachelor's, Master's, and teaching credential from Stanford University. Having worked with young people for more than 10 years, he is currently teaching English Language Arts at a college preparatory high school in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Mr. Kapil

An alumni of the USC Marshall School of Business

9 Years+ of Professional Teaching Experience

Kapil is an alumni of the USC Marshall School of Business, where he graduated magna cum laude. He has been teaching public speaking, reading,  SAT & ACT for over 9 years, and he also specializes in the entire college applications process. 

Mr. Jacky

Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Chemistry

Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry

Jacky is currently working with HPLC Packing Material from Silica Gel and revising its analytical performance. He has multiple years of teaching experience in A-Level and AP Chemistry.  

Ms Chen


M.S Johns Hopkins University 

Former NACAC Counselor

Ms Chen has years of experience working with students from  different academic and multicultural backgrounds. She values students differences and empowers them to explore their full potential. Ms Chen has helped hundreds of students to top tier colleges with her extensive knowledge in admissions data and higher education. 

Ms. Louise

MA Foreign Language Application (English & French)

BA Polymer Material Science

Former New Oriental Teacher


Educated in both science and literature, Louise started a career in education in 2009, specializing in language-related courses as well as AP science-based courses. 

Ms. Sarah

Master in Fashion Design

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Sarah has rich experience in teaching Art and Fashion Design. She has been helping students entering top universities and art schools with outstanding art portfolio. She is passionate about guiding students understand design and use efficient methods to solve problems.  

Ms. Jing

Master of Architecture from Cornell University

B.A. in Economics from Columbia University

Experienced Art Counselor

Jing has extensive teaching experience in college and teaching art + designing portfolios. She helped 100+ students entering top 30 universities with art related major.

Ms. Chandel

Chandel is an energetic mathematician interested in educating others in what she has a true passion for: MATH! With B.S. and M.S degrees in math, she is currently pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy in STEM Education from the University of Texas at Austin. 

Mr. Julian 

Julian has a B.S. in Humanities and Engineering from MIT, joint majoring in Environmental Engineering and Science, Technology, and Society. He has experience in teaching a wide variety of topics, and passionate about mentoring students on their passion projects.

Ms. Diana

M.S and New York State Certification in Childhood Education

Diana earned her Master's Degree and her New York State Certification in Childhood Education with a focus on grades 1st -6th.

And More ............

Ms. Libi

Libi Salome is an experienced and passionate humanities teacher with multiple certifications and a history of motivating and encouraging students. With time spent teaching international students at UCLA, Libi knows how to tailor her instruction so that it fits the needs of her individual students. With a Master's in Philosophy and a background in creative writing, Libi is skilled in fostering her students’ critical thinking and creativity.