7EDU Founder Jun Liu at the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce's Mayors' Breakfast

At the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce's (SVCCC) annual Mayors’ Breakfast on March 7, 2024, Jun Liu, the founder of 7EDU and Leadways School, took part in this annual event that showcased the essence of Silicon Valley's innovation and community spirit.

This event brought together five South Bay mayors -- Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Sunnyvale Mayor Larry Klein, Mountain View Mayor Pat Showalter, Cupertino Mayor Sheila Mohan, and Milpitas Mayor Carmen Montano. 

Notably, four out of the five mayors in attendance were women and Mayor Gillmor humorously acknowledging her fellow female mayors with the quip, "This event has grown, and I'm pleased to see all of my sister mayors here from other cities...and Larry." This witty remark elicited laughter from the audience, fostering a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

The mayors agreed that, while tech giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Intel, and Amazon are essential, small to medium companies and startups make up the majority of businesses in these cities. These cities are also majority-minority communities, where the non-Hispanic white population is less than 50%. This diversity contributes greatly to Silicon Valley's vibrancy and innovation.

CEO of SVCCC, Harbir Bhatia, emphasized that while city borders exist, business does not stop at these borders. Cupertino Mayor Sheila Mohan echoed this sentiment, stating, "We don't really recognize borders. We recognize that we all share the same challenges or problems."

However, there was a friendly competition among the mayors to promote their cities:

Mayor Lisa Gillmor: "Santa Clara is the center of what's possible!"

Mayor Sheila Mohan: "We have Apple, Intel. Cupertino is the center of innovation!...and has the best boba shops in the nation!"

Mayor Pat Showalter: "Mountain View, home of Google and Intuit, we truly are the center of innovation!"

Mayor Carmen Montano: "Milpitas, the city that truly cares!"

During the Mayors' Breakfast, Jun Liu had the opportunity to engage with several of the attending mayors, who were impressed with 7EDU's substantial contributions to the community over the past decade. 

They commended the organization's dedication to education and its positive impact on the region. In addition, they congratulated Liu on the recent opening of Leadways School in Cupertino, California, acknowledging its potential to further enhance educational opportunities in the area. This recognition underscored the importance of community engagement and partnerships in Silicon Valley, where collaboration between businesses, educational institutions, and local government fosters innovation and growth. 

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