The GPA Scales of the Top Bay Area Schools

core differences between weighted and unweighted GPAs were revealed as well as how to properly calculate the GPAs for both types. To see the full article, you can read it here.

We will focus primarily on the weighted GPA (WGPA) for today. In short, the WGPA considers the academic level and difficulty of a high school course when computing the GPA of a student.

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Most colleges and universities typically prefer to look at the weighted GPA as it takes into account the increasing degree of class difficulty (whether you are taking a regular-level course, honors, or advanced-placement in your high school curriculum).

#1. Henry M. Gunn High School

As previously mentioned in our top 10 Bay Area high schools blog, Henry M. Gunn ranks supreme and number one for Bay Area's best high schools.

Students that take attend Henry M. Gunn High School should anticipate the grading scale to be based on a weighted system.

According to their recent 2018-2019 school profile, the high school's class rank and grade point average are calculated through a "weighted 5-point system for Honors (H) and Advance Placement (AP) course factor into the GPA based on a 4-point scale."

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#2. Saratoga High School

Second up on Bay Area's top 10 high schools is Saratoga High School.

The high school also follows a weighted grade point average system.

Taken from their 2019-2020 school profile, Saratoga students are graded accordingly to the following chart:

Although Saratoga High School utilizes the weighted GPA for its courses, the school noted that they do not apply the weight to pluses or minuses in a student's GPA.

#3. Palo Alto High School

Palo Alto High School is yet another school that utilizes the weighted GPA scale for its students.

According to their 2018-2019 school profile, Palo Alto computes GPAs on a "weighted 5-point system for Honors (H) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses taken in 10th - 12th grade only."

This means that freshman students' courses are calculated on the 4-point unweighted scale and factored into their GPA as such.

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#4. Los Altos High School

Next up, Los Altos High School.

LAHS's grading system utilizes both a weighted and unweighted GPA for their student transcripts, meaning they list both GPAs.

The weighted GPA follows general guidelines where all Honors (H) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are on a five-point system, for grades nine to twelve.

Here is a snapshot of Los Alto's grading system from their 2019-2020 school profile, for further reference:

#5. Lowell High School

Lowell High School in San Francisco follows the same approach as LAHS, listing both the weighted and unweighted GPAs for students.

Students' GPA is based on their transcript courses, with a 4.0 scale from grades nine to twelve (unweighted measurement).

The weighted GPA is calculated by adding an additional point to all Honors (H) and Advance Placement (AP) classes.

For further insights, you can see their most recent school profile.

#6. Lynbrook High School

According to their 2019-2020 school profile, Lynbrook High School follows a completely unweighted grade point average system.

Lynbrook students have three GPA's that are computed and listed on their transcripts, each unweighted:

  • Cumulative GPA (all grades nine to twelve)

  • 9-12 Academic A-G courses grade

  • 10-12 Academic A-G courses grade

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#7. Los Gatos High School

LGHS utilizes a "academically weighted, four-point system, grade point average," taken from their 2018-2019 school profile:

  • A = 4

  • B= 3

  • C =2

  • D= 1

  • F = 0

Courses are accounted for from grades nine to twelve, except for Physical Education (PE)/Sports and Teacher/Office Assistance (TA/OA).

Standard to a weighted GPA system, an additional point is provided for each ninth through twelfth grade Honors (H) or Advance Placement (AP) course with a C- or higher grade.

#8. Amador High School

Taking a look at their 2018-2019 school profile, Amador High School follows a weighted GPA system.

They offer a variety of Honors (H) and Advance Placement (AP) courses, which all are recorded with the following weight: A = 5, B = 4 C =3.

All other classes and course grades follow: A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0.

The overall grade point average for Amador students begins in the ninth grade.

#9. Burlingame High School

Burlingame High School lists both a student's weighted and unweighted GPA on their transcript.

All weighted GPAs incorporate courses taken from grades nine to twelve, with a supplementary point given for classes that are Honors (H) or Advance Placement (AP).

The unweighted GPA is computed for all other regular-level courses from grades nine to twelve.

For more specifics, take a look at their school profile.

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#10. Redwood High School

RHS follows a grade point average system that is "based on cumulative, weighted academic GPA," according to the school profile.

Students that take Honors (H) or Advanced Placement (AP) courses earn an additional point if they earn grades of A, B, or C.

Redwood High School furthermore includes ranking by the decile and utilizes their weighted academic GPA to do so.

The GPA Scales of the Top Bay Area Schools
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