Yale to Reinstate Testing Requirements for Class 2029

Yale becomes the second Ivy League to reinstate testing requirements, effective for Class of 2029.

This marks a shift from their previous four-year test-optional policy implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Under the new "test-flexible" policy, applicants can fulfill the requirement by submitting either their SAT or ACT scores, or alternatively, their Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) exam results. This provides students with greater flexibility while still upholding Yale's commitment to a holistic evaluation process.

Yale's decision comes just weeks after fellow Ivy League institution, Dartmouth, announced a similar return to mandatory testing. Both universities cited concerns about the effectiveness of a completely test-optional approach in predicting student success. They believe standardized test scores, in conjunction with other application materials, offer valuable insights into an applicant's academic abilities and potential for thriving in a rigorous academic environment.

The return to standardized testing has sparked debate within the higher education community. Proponents argue that tests offer a standardized measure of academic preparedness, especially for students from diverse backgrounds where access to high-quality education may vary. Opponents, however, raise concerns about potential biases within the tests and the possibility of perpetuating socioeconomic disparities in admissions. Yale's "test-flexible" policy attempts to address these concerns by offering alternative options while maintaining the importance of standardized assessments. Whether this approach effectively balances these competing priorities remains to be seen, but it signifies a growing desire among some top universities to reintegrate standardized testing into their admissions processes.

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7EDU Impact Academy 22 February, 2024
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