3 Must-Watch Movies About Applying To College And What You Can Learn From Them

Today's blog has got high school students who love watching movies covered (and of course, the parents who are looking to spend quality time with their children while inadvertently helping them learn).

College is a significant stepping stone for many families and students. It is an important turning point in which you are of the coming age to be an adult. With its significant value, it is common to see many movies that capture the campus lifestyle or admissions process.

Not only do these movies help convey real-world advice on the college application process or college overall, but they are also a great way to bond with your family on movie night.

Consider the following movies that are listed below the next time you are in the mood for an insightful movie to watch!

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See the human side of a Princeton admissions officer with the "Admission". Her well-managed life collapses when she finds out that a Princeton applicant may be the son she gave up for adoption.

What this movie teaches you: An admissions officer is still a regular and normal human being just like us. They each have responsibilities and work that they must complete in order to enlist not only academically high-performing candidates but also a diverse freshman class each year. Admission officers are searching for solely elite students with top scores, but also applicants who would be considered an appropriate "fit" to the school dynamics and campus life. You should be a prospective student that will not only thrive academically but also actively engage with the college's community.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

Okay, this one is not based on a college campus. But the message behind the entire movie? Absolutely worth watching and remembering for college-bound students.

Follow Will Smith in "The Pursuit of Happyness" where he is an African-American man caught up in a serious whirlwind of constant bad luck that lands him homeless. Despite his misfortune, he manages to raise and care for his young son as he proactively chases a competitive, unpaid internship as a stockbroker.

And when everything that can possibly go wrong before the interview happens, what can you do besides sulking about your bad luck? A major lesson here: still show up!

The entire film was inspired by the real-life facts of Christopher Gardner, who was homeless himself and now a successful stockbroker and father.

What this movie teaches you: Although this does not follow the environment of a college-bound student, the underlying messages are highly valuable for young individuals starting their first step towards adulthood. As an incoming college student, you will need to learn crucial skills such as maintaining your cool when you encounter situations of serious letdowns or challenges. The main character in this movie controls his feelings when faced with endless challenges repeatedly and endures every single disappointment with grace. You will learn that mastering this priceless life skill will open many doors to creating an opportunity for yourself, in spite of the problems you may face along the way.

The History Boys

Eight brilliant high school students are aiming for admissions to the prestigious colleges of Cambridge or Oxford.

Observe how these mischevious but hard-working students study and prepare for the SAT and ACT examinations in order to gain admissions to their dream schools.

What this movie teaches you: A hilarious movie that will portray the tough and laborious amount of dedication required to study for a college entrance exam. The key message here is that to be triumphant in your college dreams, you will need to do the hard work of preparing beforehand and asking for help when you need it. The movie also illustrates what type of situations will require an SAT or ACT prep-class along with how meeting new people - such as tutors or professional educators - is a great help for high school students.

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3 Must-Watch Movies About Applying To College And What You Can Learn From Them
7EDU Impact Academy 9 June, 2021
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