Stressing About College Application? Here's Why You Shouldn't

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An important topic we wanted to emphasize for today's reading is the importance of managing the stress that comes along with the college application season. If you're stressing about college application season, keep reading.

Dreading and anticipating your decision letter alone is already nerve-racking as it is, but actively working and developing college applications adds on a different pressure. And with the increasing competitiveness of university admissions every year, students feel the need to be perfect in every aspect.

According to data from The College Board and Seventeen Magazine, 70% of graduating high school students reported that they were always or often stressed about test dates and college application deadlines (on top of their usual coursework and extracurriculars in high school).

While it is important and valuable to obtain the higher education that you have dreamt during high school, it is also equally essential that students are placing their mental and physical health first.

As parents and students are proactively applying and working for their dream schools, do not forget to follow some of the tips below. Although the admissions application is tedious, 7EDU has compiled several areas that you can eliminate on worrying about when completing your applications for colleges and universities.

Being Open-Minded

A great way to reduce the anxiety during college app season is being open-minded. More specifically, being open to other schools that you are willing to apply to.

It may be easy to decide what one particular university you may have your eyes on, but it can also lead to disappointment if you are not admitted. The amazing thing about higher education is that there are so many more opportunities and chances--including the wide variety of college choices you can apply to.

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To reduce the stress of college applications, students should expose themselves to other potential universities while in high school. It is crucial to stick to your own criteria and standard requirements for education, but keep in mind to evaluate numerous schools in your search.

Make The Most Of High School

Another wonderful way of handling applying to colleges is remembering to enjoy the time you have left in high school. Besides finding the perfect university, you should not forget to enjoy the valuable moments of being with friends and family during your senior year of high school.

Attend proms, sports games, and community events during your final days as a high school student. Place that application down for while, take on a new hobby with your friends, and make some amazing memories!

Family and Friends

One of the most invaluable advice to minimize burn-out during college applications are your family and friends.

No matter where you are in your higher education endeavors, these are the people that will always remain by your side to listen. During the moments where searching and applying for colleges are too overwhelming, friends and family will be the greatest support system in reminding you of your strengths and a breath of assurance.

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At the end of the day, you will finish your applications by their designated deadlines, so relax! While the process can be time-consuming and toilsome, you will get admitted into some amazing colleges that would be great to have you.

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Stressing About College Application? Here's Why You Shouldn't
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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