Successful College Application Essay Tips

Some students may dread the written portion of college applications. Maybe writing isn’t their favorite subject or because the prompts stare at us for hours, telling us that we must write something perfect. While this can be terrifying, here are some tips that you can take to ease your process and have a more outstanding written application.

Show Off An Effortless Passion

All tutors will most likely recommend the following, and for good reason. When deciding what to write about in your college application essays, remember to choose a topic that truly interests you. Admissions officers that are reading prompts can easily spot when a student feigns enthusiasm. Besides, spending countless hours perfecting your admissions essay on something that doesn’t fascinate you is both a waste of time and it won’t shine on the things that you have a heartfelt passion for. Look back at what interested you throughout high school, and show off an effortless passion for those activities. With genuine excitement, your words will flow smoothly.

Recount, Then Reflect

Most students forget an important step when completing the written application: reflection. Providing a background for your college prompt is crucial in providing situational context to the admissions officers. However, it is critical that students do not forget to express the impact of their story. It is fairly easy to write about your experiences, but being able to elaborate on these adventures’ teachings and how it may have changed you is what the admissions officers are looking to read about.

Write Several Drafts
Ernest Hemingway didn’t become a famous writer through publicizing his first drafts. Same goes for our college applications. Students aren’t going to become stellar candidates through their first drafts. A necessary step in written applications is beginning our process early on, in preparation of developing various versions and outlines. An extra tip to take is allowing at least one other individual to review and read your writing — you will be surprised of the grammatical or simple errors we don’t pick up on in our work.

Successful College Application Essay Tips
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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