4 Books About Success and Motivation that Every Student Needs

High school is one of the most important times of your student life and motivation may come and go when things get tough.

Balancing your social life, along with other sports or extracurriculars, and your college applications all contribute to increased feelings of "burn-out".

It may not feel like it yet but all the hard work that you have placed into college applications and your academics will be all worth it. Triumph and success only come after perseverance and a great deal of practice.

So in today's blog article, 7EDU will provide the top five books that we believe are not only a great read but are books that impart lessons and advice on both motivation and success. We hope this post will help not only students but also parents that would like to pick up a new book on growth and development.

Through middle school and high school, the education curriculum has provided insightful readings that teach students about understanding different kinds of values and philosophies.

Giant textbooks about mathematics and science, of course, were a part of the education program. But all students knew to dread the giant block of algebraic word problems (yes, me too).

These are essential subject areas to learn, but beyond this - what do students need to discover and study? Motivation and success.

When a student has an incentive, anything will possible. Without it, completing simple responsibilities will be difficult. And with the following books, you will feel driven to succeed.

1. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

A book that discusses behavioral psychology and making decisions for yourself. This is nice read for the students who have a hard time balancing their thinking alongside decision-making.

As the real world begins to throw curveballs while you are in high school, you will be required to determine what are the right choices at every stage.

The book talks about the conscious and unconscious aptitudes of your mind, together with valuable concepts on how people may make better choices rather than misjudged decisions.

Thinking Fast and Slow will encourage students to develop their decision-making and promote healthier choices that lead to achievements.

2. You Can Win by Shiv Khera

Khera provides high school students that are college-bound and are fast-approaching their transition to adulthood.

The book discusses the growth and improvement of one's character and navigating the road towards what the individual wants to succeed.

Khera wrote the book with the intention of inspiring readers to take advantage of the things in their daily lives and envisioning these items from a positive point of view.

You Can Win relays the message of successful individuals having similar concerns and issues as those that are not as accomplished. The fundamental difference between the two types of people is that triumphant individuals keep trying even when they fail.

3. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Surprisingly enough, habits are a large integral part of a student's life.

Duhigg talks about how habits form the basis of everything one decides to do, how an individual can modify and enhance these habits, as well as the influence of how one's habits can define your life.

Here is a snippet:

"The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do." - Charles Duhigg

Students looking to understand their study habits should take a read of Duhigg's The Power of Habit, a great advocator and motivator for utilizing routine to be successful.

4. Getting To Yes With Yourself by William Ury

William Ury, the co-founder of Harvard's Program on Negotiation, wrote this perceptive book on leadership development.

The book provides recommendations and advice on saying yes to yourself prior to engaging with professional negotiations. Students who are interested in business and potentially entrepreneurship will find this book a great read for inspiration and development of their business knowledge.

Getting To Yes With Yourself goes over six primary steps that will lead students towards discussing negotiations in a distinguished manner, comprehensively increasing a student's value.

4 Books About Success and Motivation that Every Student Needs
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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