4 Things Professors Wish Students Knew

College is all question marks and confusion when you first start as a freshman. But do you want to hear a fun tip on making things just a tad bit easier? Understanding your college professors. Below are four things that your educators wish you knew; some are a given, others may incentivize you to incorporate better habits as a fellow student.

Gratitude Goes A Long Way

Sometimes we forget that our professors are regular human-beings too; they work to make a living as they teach students about what they are passionate about. They are essential to our growth and understanding throughout our college career. More than teaching us reading, writing, science, or arithmetic, professors are also there to motivate and guide us. Taking the time to express gratitude to your professors can go a long way. Make a genuine gesture after a semester with your professors and show them the appreciation they deserve.

Not Enough Students Ask For Help

How many times have we all been in a situation where our teachers finished giving a lecture, asking if anyone had any clarifying questions, only to see a room full of silent hands? I remember struggling with an arithmetic problem in class, but being too shy to raise my hand to ask a question or for the professor to explain things are little further. More common than you think, pure anxiety or bashfulness is apparent in a lot of students. Practicing consistent participation may decrease this behavior and will help you articulate questions more frequently in classes. Remember that your professors are willing to help you learn, but you must let them by participating and openly asking clarifying questions.

Extensions Are Given, If Requested Nicely

Deadlines. They are a huge part of any college life. Whether it is your next writing assignment, reading, or an exam you need to study for, they are a never ending part of our daily lives. Professors may seem to be tough on the first day of courses; some have extremely strict guidelines for their lateness policies, others make it a fact to say that extensions are a rare thing to occur. What you need to know is that if you have valid reasoning (and maybe evidence) to back up your request, most professors are understanding and can extend an assignment for several days. Do not be intimidated by your professors, they understand that life has sudden situations or emergencies.

Check Your Syllabus Beforehand

This one might fly past you when you are getting ready for your big day of college, but remember to check your course syllabus before you head into your first day of classes. Most of the time, a lot of your questions can be answered with the almighty syllabus. Typical syllabuses will include grading standards, a calendar overview of assignments or major projects for the semester, expected attendance, and more. Be sure to review the curriculum prior to asking questions and save some time (plus, some professors assign something to be completed on the very first day — you will be well-prepared)!

4 Things Professors Wish Students Knew
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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