The Best Books On Good Study Habits and Preparation

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Finding the right reading material to aid in your study efforts is a mission in itself. There is a hefty amount of information that you need to be prepared for when you take the SAT, ACT, or AP exams and luckily, there are books that can help you achieve the score you deserve.

In today's article, 7EDU will provide a list of the best supplementary books that you can use to help prepare yourself for any upcoming examinations you are registered for.

The list will include readings that focus on building great study habits and how you can improve preparation for any approaching tests.

But before we start, you might be wondering what is the value in finding books about developing great study habits - or investing in your preparation at all?


In the case that you are in high school working through college application season, you may now realize that planning ahead and preparing for any required examinations are crucial to your success as a college-bound student.

Establishing the right study habits will not only help you in the long-run when you are enrolled in challenging university courses with heavy course-readings and deadlines, but it will also aid you beforehand in high school when you are studying for the upcoming SAT or ACT tests filled with challenging material.

Good study habits will reinforce higher scores on your exams and simply put, the test score that you receive on your college entrance exams is one of the crucial indicators used by the admissions office. These are the scores that will be used to assess academic capability when reviewing candidates' applications.

As a result, it is a good sense that students build good study routines along with devoting a fair amount of their time properly preparing for the examination. Without appropriate habits and preparation, you may find that improving your test scores difficult.


As mentioned earlier, building a foundation of great study habits and properly planning for a student's future is advantageous both in the long-run and short-run.

For the academic learners and students that are looking to achieve high marks on their college entrance tests, developing a strong strategy for studying and getting ready beforehand work hand-in-hand when it comes to helping them achieve success.

These are the students that are highly motivated to reach top scores and are also ready to take on the tough job of preparing for it. Whether you intend to enroll in a preparatory course, or if you decide to purchase a guidebook, it will take hours of hard work since the SAT and ACT covers a wide range of material.

Remember that this applies broadly to all aspects of a student's life, not just exams that they might be taking. Students that wish to accomplish a specific goal should have a strategy or routine that will aid in setting them up for success.

Without further ado, below are 4 great books that can help a student work on their study habits and preparational skills:

Make It Stick by Peter Brown

Brown offers techniques for readers on how to transform themselves into productive learners while providing advice regarding study habits that may be counterproductive.

The book is intended for students and all that are interested in self-improvement and growth.

The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrel

A guide written on study skills by international best-selling author Stella Cottrel.

This book will illustrate to students how they can personalize their learning to their individualistic needs while maximizing their grades.

The reading should help prepare learners for what they should anticipate before, during, and after their studies at a college institution.

The 3 Secrets to Effective Time Investment: Achieve More Success with Less Stress by Elizabeth Grace Saunders

Saunders discusses the three key elements of effective preparation and time management: priorities, expectations, and routines.

Students will read about how they can identify negative routines that sabotage their potential for success.

How to Become a Straight-A Student by Cal Newport

The real key to being a straight-A student isn't cramming, it's studying smarter!

Newport's book will provide readers with strategies on:

  • Conquering procrastination

  • Streamline and maximize your study time

  • Absorb material quickly and effectively

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The Best Books On Good Study Habits and Preparation
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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