5 Personal Reflection Questions For A Successful New Year

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Another year is almost coming to an end and we all are probably thinking - where has all the time gone?! Before we step into the New Year of 2020, it is also important that we take a moment to reflect and recap on how this past year has been like for us.

Let us look back at some highlights of the year as well as talk a bit about the upcoming year ahead. In today's blog, we take a step back to recap the past year of 2019 with our 7EDU Founder, Jun Liu.

As the year comes to an end and a new one starts, we sat Jun down to ask her some questions about how 2019 was for her, her family, and her business.

If there is one thing you are most proud of in 2019 for your business, what would it be?

"For me personally, I am the happiest and proudest of being able to help the students that 7EDU works with. It is an enjoyable moment when I see our students find their academic path and what they want to do in their lives.

When I see the progress that each student has made in their academics, it reminds me of why I started 7EDU in the first place. I want to help families and children that feel lost or unguided in their educational pursuits. Seeing first-hand the progress being achieved by our students is definitely one of my favorite accomplishments I get to experience each year with past and new students."

What are some questions you think families and students should reflect on from their 2019?

"Well for starters, it is great that you want to take a step back and consider your past year!

One question that I like to ask myself is whether I have any regrets. It doesn't have to be a big one, but any event or thing that made me revisit my actions and thought process. What about this particular regret is something that I can learn from and fix for the upcoming New Year?

I think it is crucial that we ask ourselves these types of questions prior to entering the New Year so that we do not make the same mistakes or bad habits again.

There are four other questions that I routinely ask myself at the beginning of a New Year:

  • What am I most grateful for?

  • Were there opportunities or chances that I missed out on?

  • What does success look like to me for the upcoming year (and how do I redefine my definition of success if it has changed)?

  • What worked great about this past year?

It can be easy to get caught up on the negatives or the things we didn't accomplish in 2019, but let's not forget to appreciate the moments that make our hearts feel full.

As for the opportunities that we may or may not have missed out on, you need to consider what are the next steps that you can make presently in order to prevent another missed opportunity from happening.

And as we go through each New Year, our definition of what achievement and success will alter as well. Before the New Year hits, I suggest you ask yourself what you envision success to look like for 2020 alongside with rethinking about what success is to you.

I ask myself what ended up working great for me because I want to analyze why and how it was so effective. It is a good question to ask yourself so that you are aware of what you can repeat again for optimal results the following year. "

Is there a regret that you have from 2019? What was your take on it?

"Of course. I think for me it would be the amount of time that I was able to dedicate towards my children.

I gave birth to my second child almost a year ago, and it made me really concentrate on the fact that time flies by so quickly. It was only a year ago that I had my beautiful daughter and here we are a year later already!

Children grow up so fast and these are the moments that I believe each parent should remember and cherish the most. The last time I checked the number of teeth that my daughter grew, it was 4 - now it is already 8! She is beginning to walk on her own now when she was barely stumbling the last time I looked.

I lament about these instances the most in 2019 because I want to treasure and be wholeheartedly present for them. I understand a lot of my supporters and clients are parents that want the best for their children's overall future so I am sure you understand what I mean. Each moment is so swift with our kids and they become more of an adult with each second.

For that reason, I strive to be more actively present in my children's lives for 2020."

We see that you love your children dearly, do you have any tips or recommendations for our parent readers?

"I do. I mentioned my daughter in your previous question but let me tell you a story about my son this time.

I am a hardworking mother managing my own business so that practically forces me to be both productive and efficient in the ways I handle my work and personal responsibilities.

One day, my five-year-old son asked me "Hey mom, am I too slow?". I was shocked because my son caught on to my habits and felt that maybe he was not adequately completing his day-to-day activities.

This was an important day and a lesson for me as a parent. I realized that there are moments that you need to walk with your kids, not outrun them.

Yes, it is great that I am productive with the daily duties that I am accountable for. However, the time that I spend with my children does not necessarily have to be treated similarly.

Parents should remember to move at the same pace as their children for the precious moments that they have together.

It is a common saying of "You got to stop and smell the roses."

Thank you Jun for sharing with us your past journey and reflection of 2019, both of yourself and of the company. If our parents and students could only ask for one single word of advice - what would yours be for our readers?

"That would be tough to condense, but I will tell parents and students this:

Whatever that you are doing right now, be heartily present. Do the things that you want in life but do not forget about the invaluable time with your loved ones.

We often hear others talking about a New Year's Resolution, but I think the bigger question at hand is, "What's your action plan?".

Without a plan, how will you truly accomplish your resolutions that you have set up for yourself? I encourage you to think first about your action plan for 2020. Do not make a New Year's Resolution without one.

I earnestly thank our friends, families, students, clients, and supporters for believing in 7EDU this past 2019. I look forward to more growth and success in 2020 with you all by our side."

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5 Personal Reflection Questions For A Successful New Year
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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