Benefits of Being in Marching Band

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Marching band unlike any other musical activity, is considered one of the most competitive and disciplined activities a student can partake in. This activity requires commitment, discipline and time-management. Unsurprisingly, there are many benefits that result from participation in this activity.

Here are 4 benefits of Marching Band:

1. Discipline and dedication: Marching band was founded in the armed forces, which is known to be very disciplined. Band members are required to rehearse for long hours in harsh conditions on top of memorizing drills and music. Band members must become disciplined in order to succeed during practice and competitions. Showing up on time is the equivalence of being late. By showing up just a few minutes late, you will be letting your bandmates down for loss of practice times. Most teachers and parents comment that band kids are the most well-behaved kids they have ever seen.

2. Time management/ sacrifice: Through the months of July and November, students dedicate a large amount of their time to rehearsals, football games and contests. By doing so, they reduce the amount of time they would typically be spending watching television or playing video games. Time management experiences will serve the students will following them to the workforce.

3. Multi-tasking: One of the biggest, yet rewarding, challenges in marching band is marching at one tempo while playing at another. Studies have found that musicians are actually better listeners than non-musicians. The reason behind this is because they are effectively listening to their own instruments amongst others when playing in groups. As students learn how to become more coordinated and progress through practice, they will be able to use their hands, fingers and wrists to control their instruments while sight reading. These neuronal connections benefits band members throughout their academic education through college, in the workplace and eventually to multi-tasking parents.

4. Resilience and confidence: Nobody is perfect, so mistakes are bound to happen. During competitions, judges may make calls that don’t make sense or are unreasonable. However, students will learn that with setbacks, opportunities to practice and better yourself will follow. Being a part of a band provides a support system with people who share the same goal.

5. Teamwork: Without a team, there would be no marching band. The teamwork in this activity differs from others because the goal is not to beat another opponent, but to continue to improve on one’s own individual and group self-improvement. The support of this group also provides camaraderie for life.

Benefits of Being in Marching Band
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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