New 7EDU Student Organization Application

Calling all high school students interested in leadership and making a global impact! :

Under 7EDU, we are starting a student-run non-profit organization dedicated to promoting educational equity across the globe. We noticed that many students do not have the opportunity or resources to explore their fields of interests, and we believe that this is the most effective way to combat that issue while exposing students to leadership opportunities.

Structure of the organization:

The core of the organization will be student-run in order to give qualified students the opportunity to exercise and build on their leadership and management skills. Some areas of the leadership include:

  • Fundraising

  • Operations

  • Marketing/Outreach

  • Technology/Website

  • Curriculum Leaders

Students on the leadership team will communicate with our 7EDU team and with the rest of the student leaders to collectively plan, lead, and organize events relating to different career/field interests for students in different parts of the world. These opportunities will be both in person to maximize the experience and online for convenience. In addition to events and workshops, students will also help brainstorm other methods to helping students who may not have the means to do so discover their interests and find opportunities in community service/volunteering, internships, etc., that pertain to their field.

It doesn’t matter if the student is not planning on majoring in business--being a leader in this organization is more than just gaining business skills. We also have positions including curriculum leaders for different fields. For example, if a student leader has experience and interest in biology and chemistry, they can lead a Biochem-specific cohort to find

opportunities available to students in various parts of the world relating to Biochem. This may include planning guest speakers events featuring speakers who may be scientists or professors in the field, providing a list of program opportunities in Biochem, or planning online crash courses. The options are limitless -- through building upon this experience, our students leaders will gain the following:

  • Strong leadership and organizational skills

  • Teamwork across a global platform

  • Connections to resources that students may use later on

  • A STRONG addition to their resume or college application in the areas of: community service, leadership, and global impact

However, in order for a student to participate and join our leadership team, we want to ensure that the student has genuine interest and dedication to working in this organization. We are looking for students with the following:

  • Good time management, responsibility, and organizational skills

  • Genuine interest in creating a global impact in spreading educational equity

  • Willing to dedicate time, does not currently have an extremely packed schedule

  • Good communication skills who will be able to respond promptly

  • Any previous leadership or management experience is a plus

If you are interested in joining our global effort, please Apply here !

We highly encourage all interested students to apply! If you have any questions, please contact us at

New 7EDU Student Organization Application
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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