Strong Individuals Are Built By Team Sports Participation

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There are many social benefits participating in team sports such as basketball, water polo, baseball, football, hockey and rugby. Besides the satisfaction of being a part of a team, there are even psychological and academic rewards.

One of the psychological benefits that participating in team sports provides is a supportive relationship from others while setting small goals on the courts. Self-esteem is essential to growth. When students are constantly making progress towards a goal, practicing in their favorite activities or trying hard at something, the results may be rewarding. In team sports, students are able to get praised for their good behaviors while making new skills and friends along the way. In contrast, when teams deal with failure together, they become more aggressive and have the drive to push harder to overcome their prior mistakes.

When kids feel good about themselves, they find that they are more confident in trying new things, which is why students who participate in team sports have a higher desire to succeed in school. Since academics are necessary for school sports teams, there is a higher incentive to achieving good grades. The reason being is simply because if their academics fail, there is the risk of not playing, and by not playing the student would be letting down their teammates.

Participating in sports helps you work well with others and teaches you skills you can bring with you into the workforce. Skills that students can get out of playing sports include becoming a better critical thinker and communicator, handling stressful situations more efficiently and making quick decisions.

How is this important to college admissions?

When colleges are going over numerous candidates and applicants, good grades and test scores are not the only things they are looking for. Being a top athlete shows your competitiveness at the highest levels if sports is the determining factor for your college admissions decisions. Consistent participation and setting yourself apart through leadership roles play an advantageous role as well.

Aside from all the given benefits, just remember the importance of having fun! Growth and acquiring new skills should be an enjoyable process.

Strong Individuals Are Built By Team Sports Participation
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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