The Importance of Journalism For Students

Whether you are in middle school, high school, or college-bound, the student bodies' political activism is never at a rest point.

The ability for students to express their opinions and beliefs allows for many to interact and connect with their campus communities. Educational institutions that both permit and support students to actively communicate their point of views while ensuring a secure environment to do so not only empowers its students to grow but relate different student organizations to one another.

So what is journalistic writing? Simply put, it is a style of writing that is used to inform people about the latest news that is either in the newspapers, television, radio and on the internet.

Highly valuable in that they provide people such as yourself with effective yet short sentences or paragraphs that convey information efficiently.

But what makes journalism considerably beneficial for high school students in particular?

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While most students are aware of the crucial advantages of being a strong writer, the style of writing that accompanies journalism allows for a larger range of benefits than you may actually think.

Development of Workplace Skills

For starters, high school students incorporating journalistic writing see an additional benefit of enhanced workplace skills.

Typically, most employers are looking for their younger employees to have the following skillset:

  • Analytical thinking

  • Clear writing

  • Understanding of hard deadlines

  • Peer collaboration within a team

  • Leadership

High schools that offer students a course in journalism are prime for those that wish to stimulate a real-world work environment. Journalistic writing essentially offers students hands-on experience developing and growing the skills that future employers are looking for when hiring potential candidates.

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Enhanced Communication

Alongside the progress and growth of your workplace skills, high school students can expect journalistic writing to encourage in-person communication.

In the digital age of social media and the internet, some students may find that they are lacking in the ability to convey their ideas and thoughts face-to-face. Journalism is a great strategy in overcoming such hurdles.

As the style of journalistic writing requires individuals to do interviews for a story, you can expect to do these meetings one-on-one. These interviews will require you to set up appointments, properly take notes, record precise quotes, and of course fact-check the sources from these stories.

High school students that are active in their journalistic writing will be learning how to maintain and develop professional relationships and communications.

Empowerment of Self

One crucial value of students that have developed journalism writing is the sense of self-reliance and independence.

High school can be a period of social isolation or self-doubt for students. For those that feel that they do not have a voice, journalism courses encourage them to make write about their unique editorial perspectives while feeling supported by a group of people.

Journalistic writing remains as a door for high school students to engage with their on-campus environment as well as the larger world outside of school.

"Why journalism? When students learn to make sense out of their world, they become the people who will transform it." - John Spencer

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Growth In Analytical Thinking

As previously mentioned, journalism helps a student develop their workplace skills. Specifically, one mentioned was analytical thinking.

High school students that are preparing their college applications are aware of the college essay and prompts that must be completed alongside the standardized transcripts. Students that write journalistically have the ability to establish arguments and perspectives in an efficient and compelling fashion, without insulting or offending the conflicting point of view.

To be able to master this expertise, student writers will lead researches on the provided topic to guarantee their credibility and persuasion. Coincidentally, you can expect that writing articles will expand a student's capacity and knowledge of current events in the world or field of knowledge.

An additional bonus to improving and growing your analytical reasoning, journalistic writing promotes students to comprehend each other's various perspectives, either contradicting or controversial.

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The Importance of Journalism For Students
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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