A Career In Mobile App Development and Engineering

As many of you most likely have a smartphone or mobile device that you bring around with you everywhere, you are aware of the millions of applications available at the touch of your fingers.

These applications have various uses ranging from budgeting, getting a ride, dating, music, to helping individuals complete key responsibilities of their daily lifestyle. The people that create these mobile apps are called mobile app developers.

With the number of users increasing exponentially, the demand for employees in this particular field is high. In terms of future occupation stability and capacity to grow, students that are interested in pursuing a career in mobile app development have good opportunities when it comes to competitive salaries and job prospects post-graduation.

But what are the specifics of a day-to-day mobile app developer? What about how you should start a career in mobile app engineering? In today's blog article, we will explore the common questions and outline the important details if you are interested in this field for your college major.

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What does mobile app development really mean?

Mobile applications are software designed for a smart device, with the goal of providing productivity or entertainment.

The app developer is a computer software engineer with the principal responsibility of building, testing, and programming the apps for use on mobile phones and other digital technology. A mobile app engineer creates such software through a programming language; popular ones include C++, Java, Swift, or C#.

This field differs slightly from the general software development sphere and follows roughly the routine below:

  • Decide on an operation system, i.e Apple's iOS or Google's Android

  • Employ programming languages to construct particular components for the software

  • Upon app completion, you perform patches (or upgrades) that are regularly published to the community

Other common responsibilities you can anticipate as a mobile app developer:

  • Guarantee quality and effectiveness of applications with consumers' conditions and demands

  • Communicating with team members about ideas and possible designs

  • Plan for workarounds and resolutions for any issues that come up within the app

In a time where the IT industry is booming, there is a variety of career paths that you can choose from. Mobile app development especially presents a fantastic opportunity for the students that are designers looking to build something fresh and new.

Whether you land yourself a position in a small, medium, or large company, mobile app developers create the latest applications that will meet your company's consumer needs. Expect to work hand-in-hand with the marketing department who conducts research to understand what clients need and desire.

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What kind of future should you expect?

In terms of income, for the skilled and accomplished mobile app developers, you can expect proper earnings. You can bring home between $85,000 to $125,000 annually depending on your experience and knowledge in the field.

In order to go up the ladder and become a top-tier performing mobile app developer, you will have to acquire as many qualifications and certifications.

From the standpoint of growth in the IT industry, there is an increasing demand for the latest and groundbreaking mobile applications.

Looking alone at mobile-use statistics:

  • Mobile apps hold over half of all time spent consuming digital media

  • Mobile apps register for 42% of all mobile sales for Fortune 500 businesses

  • Total 2018 app revenue of $71.3 billion across the Apple iOS Store and Google Play Store (from a Sensor Tower report)

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How do you get started on your career engineering mobile applications?

An amazing advantage of a career in mobile app development is that it does not fully require a computer science degree (however, it will definitely help to have a proper educational background to make app development successful and seamless).

One of the first steps that you need to follow to become a mobile app developer is learning the common and well-known programming languages such as C++, C#, and Java.

Depending on what mobile platform or iOS system that you want to build your application on, your choice of the programming language will be dependent on that choice. For example, Apple's iOS most frequently uses Objective C whilst Java is the primary language to achieve expertise in Google's Android apps.

Although it is possible to pursue a profession in mobile app development without a related degree, in a field and industry where there will be other developers competing for the same role, most employers are looking for mobile app engineers with a minimum degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • Mobile Computing

  • Computer Science

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Software Engineering

  • Any associated subject areas that are program-based

For the larger companies, these employers are only looking to hire qualified and experienced professionals to construct their mobile apps. For that reason, it is recommended that you are fluent in programming languages and have a professional degree to support your talent if you plan to work at these businesses.

Beyond furthering your education in this particular career field, we recommend building a portfolio early-on and start constructing your mobile app samples.

Some simple apps that you can begin with:

  • Replicating the Instagram or YouTube app

  • A straightforward to-do list app

  • Basic weather app


If you are beginning to think about what major you want to learn in college, the world of mobile app developers and engineers is one of the many options that are sustainable for future employment and success in a never-ending society of technology and mobile devices.

Here are some last remarks and steps that you can take to learn more about this career:

  • Talk with actual professionals in the field of mobile app development. There are many people eager to provide advice and answer questions for students and beginners within the community. You can find these individuals either on public forums or even social media platforms (i.e LinkedIn, Quora).

  • Attempt to volunteer and collaborate. Find simple projects that will allow you to practice and test building a mobile application. Platforms such as GitHub connect employers with developer candidates and provide a setting to evaluate coding abilities.

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A Career In Mobile App Development and Engineering
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