Influence of Artificial Intelligence In Higher Education

After yesterday's part I installment of colleges that highly recommend the SAT Subject Tests, let's introduce a trending and hot topic for colleges and the technology industry worldwide - artificial intelligence (also known as AI for short).

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You might be wondering what advances artificial intelligence may have taken place over the years that it has been first established and begin developing. The world now sees subtle incorporations such as Amazon's Alexa, the automatic reminders from your Samsung refrigerator when milk is running out, or perhaps the driverless cars like Teslas that are seen today on the road.

With countless consumption examples mentioned above for the standard user such as yourself, the field of artificial intelligence is growing in number and the need for properly-trained employees accompanies this increasing demand.

According to a recent study conducted by Deloitte in 2018, the capital investitures for artificial intelligence is expanding as early adopters are developing and introducing new programs (and making favorable earnings while doing so).

Moreover, a market research report by Technavio forecasted the artificial intelligence market in the US Education Sector to rapidly develop - more specifically AI is expected to rise at a compound annual rate of 47.7% from the year 2018 to 2022.

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Take a look at how tech-leaders and competitive companies have gradually obtained AI-related acquisitions over the years:

With new developments in the area of artificial learning, there are both confusion and curiosity regarding what AI can bring for higher education.

Well, what does this mean for you as a student?

Artificial intelligence's intended core objective for most organizations is to both simplify and streamline the workflows in business through automation. A sub-category within the AI is machine learning in which people can permit computer systems to study and learn from an immense dataset to complete complicated and complex operations. In later blog articles, 7EDU will provide further extensive information relating to AI and its sub-groups (so do not forget to check back regularly or subscribe to our newsletter so you won't miss an update)!

Machine learning and AI at its core is an opportunity for a high school student looking to learn and build crucial skills in a world of Big Data. As the world continuously utilizes more data and information, the system grows and the more enhanced and clever AI technology will become.

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Higher education in the field of artificial intelligence allows for students interested in a fastly expanding discipline to be at the forefront of a data revolution.

Besides the strengthening college demand for students in this particular educational study, artificial intelligence has a wide spectrum of positions that are progressively developing year after year.

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By The Numbers

To give students a general idea of how vast the opportunities and potential there are for artificial intelligence here is are some further statistics:

  • 72% of executive leaders see AI as a valuable business advantage for the future

  • Investments in AI startups have increased 6x since the year 2000

  • The number of AI startups that have been established has increased 14x since the year 2000

  • 84% of businesses worldwide view AI as a competitive edge

  • The United States alone has accumulated $10 billion in venture capital for AI investments

Top Companies Winning the AI Race

Renowned businesses that are looking to expand and hire college students majoring in the field of AI are endless, but to give you a few ideas:

Source: Nikola Djordjevic | Techjury | Visual Capitalist

Influence of Artificial Intelligence In Higher Education
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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Why Colleges Want Students To Major In Artificial Intelligence