List Of Colleges That Require SAT Subject Tests

College applications are a long and complicated process that has various requirements that a student must meet. To properly complete your applications, one important component is the SAT Subject Tests. What makes the SAT Subjects perplexing is whether the university you are applying has a policy regarding the subject exams.

On last week's free live webinar, Consulting Jun, we had a lot of attendees request a compiled list of all the colleges that require the SAT Subject Tests. To make things simple for our readers, 7EDU has made the following blog article with all the universities that necessitate certain subject tests.

As many colleges and universities constantly change their policies and guidelines over time, be sure to double-check with the school's website about college application instructions for high school students. If you notice any discrepancy, leave us a comment below so we can update the blog article for all our readers!

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One thing to note first for the SAT Subject Tests is what the term "required" means for colleges and universities. Required indicates that the student will have to take the SAT Subject Tests. For other colleges, you will see other policies such as:

  • Recommended: students are given the option to submit or to not send their SAT Subject exam scores. If you are a student that is capable of achieving high scores on your SAT Subject Tests or if you are attempting to make up for a low SAT exam score, the SAT Subject exams may be beneficial to you as a candidate. However, if your SAT Subject Test scores are low and appear as an outlier on your overall application, 7EDU advises against sending the test results to the college.

  • Considered: the college or university does not expect a student to submit their SAT Subject Test results, but will ultimately assess them if submitted by the candidate. If there is a particular subject you are interested in or is related to your future/professional goals, a strong SAT Subject Test score will be beneficial in this case.

  • Alternative: the college or university has specific guidelines and policies regarding test flexibility.

  • ACT in place of the Subject Tests: students must submit their SAT exam scores alongside their two SAT Subject Tests OR applicants must send in their ACT results along with the writing portion.

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We will cover the list of other schools that have the aforementioned guidelines in the following blogs after this article. Tune in throughout this whole week so you will not miss the important updates.

Alphabetically sorted below, you can find all the colleges you are interested in that do require the SAT Subject Tests:

  • Boston University | Required for special programs. Seven-year liberal arts or medical education programs will require the Subject Tests in Chemistry and Math 2. No substitutes for the standardized exams will be accepted.

  • California Institute of Technology | Required for Math Level 2 and one SAT Subject Test in science.

  • George Washington University | Required for special programs (two SAT Subject Tests required for science and mathematics for the Seven Year BA/MD Program).

  • Harvey Mudd College | Required in Math Level 2 and the other test in any subject-matter of the student's choosing.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Required in addition to the SAT/ACT. Specifically Math (Level 1 or 2) and either Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

  • McGill University | Required for two SAT Subject Tests in addition to the SAT OR the student can submit the ACT with Writing instead.

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Required for special programs. Accelerated law or medicine applicants must submit two SAT Subject Tests - one in math and science.

  • Stevens Institute of Technology | Required for special programs. Subject Tests in Math Level 1 or 2 and either Chemistry or Biology for the accelerated pre-medical program.

  • Union College | Required for special programs. Applicants of the Leadership in Medicine program must submit one math and one science Subject Test alongside with their SAT exam results. Student applicants may submit the ACT instead of both the SAT and Subject Tests.

  • The University of Southern California | Required for homeschooled student applicants are three SAT Subject examinations (one specified in mathematics) in addition to the SAT or ACT.

  • Wesleyan University | Required for some student applicants. Candidates applying from secondary schools that do not provide traditional grades, homeschooled applicants, students who attend online high schools, or are enrolled in other non-standard secondary school programs are required to submit their ACT or SAT results alongside with two or more SAT Subject Tests.

For more information, you can always check the College Board for institutions that are utilizing the SAT Subject Tests - here.

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List Of Colleges That Require SAT Subject Tests
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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