Local Volunteer Opportunities with 7EDU

Student Volunteers are needed for the following events, projects, and activities in the San Francisco Bay Area. High School students and ambitious middle schoolers are encouraged to apply! For information, or to volunteer for a specific event, please fill out and submit the volunteer form.

Girls 4 Business Challenge  

The Girls 4 Business Challenge is a global competition open to all girls in elementary and middle school from grades 1 through 8, free of charge. The challenge will encompass a series of fun activities that will allow young girls to gain insight into the business realm, all while having the opportunity to earn cash prizes! To learn more, visit: bit.ly/girls-4-business.

People Plates Planet 

Organized and led by high school students, PPP aims to recover surplus food from school campuses and divert it to feed those suffering from hunger. The group strives to conserve the water and energy used in producing otherwise wasted food while also providing nutritious meals for the community's most vulnerable members.  
PPP is looking for young leaders and volunteers in the Bay Area to set up PPP projects on their own campuses. 

Mini Libraries

Mini libraries are collections of used books maintained for public use, particularly in underserved communities where access to books is limited. The books are free to read, exchange, or trade. A mini library can be set up by anyone around the city.

Volunteers are needed to help set up mini libraries!  If you would like to help, please make sure you can meet the following requirements, and then submit this form.

  • Must have 15-20 books to get started. 

  • Must be able to maintain your library and keep it well stocked.

  • Must provide a weather-proof box for the books (can be purchased or constructed). 

Watch the Mini Library introductory video!
Educators 4 Impact (E4I)

E4I is a platform created to bring people from different backgrounds and industries together to share their thoughts on all things education-related.

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