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January 3-8, 2023

Who should take this class?
Students preparing for taking ACT in Spring 2023

Why this class?
Many high school students know that the ACT is a standardized, national entrance exam used by selective colleges and universities to make admission decisions. What is not known to most students is that the ACT is very different from their school tests. Therefore, to ace the ACT, you really need to know how to prepare for it in the “smart” way.

Our ACT all-in-one strategy course is comprehensive and intensive, designed to not only help students solidify their foundation in English, Math, Reading, and Science, but also teach them test strategies to further boost their scores and reach their maximum potential.

Course Highlights
instructors with more than 15 years of teaching experience
high-quality study materials: students will practice with carefully selected frequently-missed questions to achieve best score improvement with a short period of time
critical thinking training: our ACT courses not only help students improve their ACT scores but also cultivate their critical thinking skills
synthesis of foundation building and test strategies: our courses are designed to not only help students solidify their foundations in subject matters but also teach them how to effectively apply test strategies to quickly improve their scores

Class Type: Small Group
Course Period: Fall 2022 to Spring 2023

ACT All-in-One Strategy (2022-2023 Winter Break)

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