June 12 - July 26 (no classes on week of July 4)
Mondays, Wednesdays
2:00PM - 3:00PM (PST) / 4:00PM - 5:00PM (CST)
Level 3: Grade 4-5

Online via Zoom

Part of our Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) series, this class is an excellent precursor to your student's junior-high or high-school debate team!

In Nonfiction Analysis and Oration, students will be introduced to and develop skills in argumentation, public speaking, research, and both independent silent reading and dramatic reading of text. They will learn to express themselves through written and verbal communication and will write a paper on a specific topic (including rough and final drafts). Students will also learn how to analyze nonfiction passages, including how to determine the central claim and basic argumentative structure of a passage. They will learn to recognize persuasive writing, and hone their public speaking skills by studying famous speeches and rhetoric.

Developing strong verbal and written communication skills will improve each student's ability to focus, organize their thoughts, and communicate effectively. These skills will serve students well throughout their entire academic career and beyond.

Class Type: Small Group
Course Period: Summer 2023
Location: Online

CRW Nonfiction Analysis and Oration, G4-5 (Summer 2023)

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