Course Period: Summer 2024

Digital SAT 1500+ Mock Test Strategy and Review 2024 Summer Boot Camp

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Join our intensive SAT prep tutoring class, online or on-campus in Cupertino, CA! Schedule a FREE Mock Test! Ace the SAT and PSAT with experienced instructors, personalized feedback, and targeted SAT Math, SAT Reading & Writing practice tests.

Ace your SAT with our Digital SAT 1500+ Mock Test Strategy and Review 2024 Summer Boot Camp!

Pick from these 2 Camp Schedule:
July 20 - Aug 18 (Sat-Sun)
July 29 - Aug 9 (Mon-Fri)

Class Time(PDT):
10AM-12:30PM PDT  Mock Test
12:30PM-1:30PM  PDT  Break
1:30PM-3:00PM PDT  Mock Test Review

An excellent course for students planning to take the SAT.

In this intensive SAT test prep course, students will learn valuable test-taking strategies and improve their critical-thinking skills to be fully prepared for the SAT. Designed to measure college readiness, the exam consists of two sections: math and reading & writing and language. Students will have the opportunity to practice with past exams under strict timing for each section to simulate the actual test experience, and receive a thorough, personalized review of their mock test performance. 

Course Highlights

  • Instructors with 15+ years of teaching experience​
  • Group-class design with personalized feedback and suggestions
  • Study materials allow students to practice with carefully selected, frequently missed questions to achieve improvement within a short period of time
  • Training to help students hone their critical thinking skills and increase their content knowledge
  • Synthesis of foundation-building and test-taking strategies
  • Timely communication between instructors, class mentors, students, and parents
  • All classes are recorded and students may access recordings upon request