John Locke Global Essay Prize Boot Camp (Politics Category) G6-12

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March 26 - April 16, Tuesday, 6-7PM

Prepare for success in the John Locke Global Essay Prize History category with our specialized competition training Boot Camp designed for students in Grades 6-12, available online and on-site in Cupertino CA.

During our Boot Camp, participants will engage in a comprehensive curriculum, including 4 hours of group class sessions and 6 hours of personalized 1:1 essay meetings. These sessions delve into critical attributes such as independent thinking, depth of knowledge, clear reasoning, critical analysis, and persuasive writing—essential elements for thriving in academic competitions. Our expert instructors provide invaluable insights and strategies to help students craft compelling essays that meet the competition's rigorous standards.

The John Locke Essay Prize Competition

The John Locke Global Essay Prize is a prestigious competition hosted by the esteemed John Locke Institute, aimed at encouraging young minds to explore complex and intriguing questions outside the confines of traditional academic curricula. Competition date is on June 30, 2024. With a panel of expert judges drawn from leading universities worldwide, including Oxford and Princeton, this competition offers students a platform to showcase their intellectual abilities and engage in meaningful discourse. 

Why students should join competitions?

Participating in competitions like the John Locke Global Essay Prize can foster students’ academic and personal growth. These competitions provide valuable opportunities for learning, motivation, and recognition beyond the classroom. Winning or even just participating can boost their confidence and drive to succeed, while also enhancing their academic profile for college applications. The feedback from expert judges further aids in their development as learners.