7EDU AP courses are officially recognized and approved by the College Board.

What are Advanced Placement (AP) Courses and Exams?  

The Advanced Placement (AP) program was developed by the College Board to grant high school students the experience of introductory-level college classes. Currently there are 39 AP courses.

AP exams are administered in May each year, and are designed to evaluate how well students have mastered the content and skills required by a specific AP course. 

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Benefits of Taking AP Classes and Exams  

Show Your Passion

AP courses allow students to pursue challenging inquiries related to the subjects they are interested in pursuing. For example, if you aspire to become an engineer, you can take AP Calculus and AP Physics to demonstrate your love for engineering and prepare yourself for it!

Increase Competitive Advantage in College Application

Taking an AP course and passing its exam demonstrate a student’s capability of handling corresponding college-level work, which will strengthen college applications immensely. 

Improve your GPA

Many high schools give higher weights to AP grades when calculating weighted GPA; thus, a student’s weighted GPA will be higher if he or she does well in AP courses. 

7EDU's AP classes are catered to the individual needs of students.

Regardless of where you plan to take AP courses, 7EDU can support your learning journey.

How to select AP classes? How to effectively study AP classes and prepare for AP exams?

Study AP at 7EDU - 2023-24 School Year Open for Registration

Our AP Regular Courses are offered during the fall and spring semesters of a school year. They are designed by following the AP course and exam guidelines offered by the College Board and can be viewed as a replacement for a traditional AP course offered in school.

7EDU's AP courses are recognized and approved by the College Board. In addition to covering course material, our courses include test preparation that consists of key point reviews, preparation strategies, and mock tests. After completing a course, you will be fully prepared to take the national AP test and receive official transcripts from 7EDU. These transcripts can be included as part of your college applications and incorporated into your GPA.

7EDU AP Class_ AP Calculus AB

Explore differential and integral calculus, including parametric, polar, and vector functions, while mastering problem-solving and enhancing mathematical communication skills.

7EDU AP Class_ AP Calculus BC

Delve into differential and integral calculus, mastering theory and problem-solving while honing skills in mathematical communication and justification.

7EDU AP Class_ AP Precalculus

Cultivate skills for diverse careers including mathematics, physics, biology, health science, social science, and data science.

7EDU AP Class_ AP Statistics

Cultivate skills for diverse careers including mathematics, physics, biology, health science, social science, and data science.

7EDU AP Class_ AP Biology

Dive into core biological principles through hands-on labs, data analysis, and evidence-based claims.

7EDU AP Class_ AP Physics 1_ Algebra-Based

Master core principles through hands-on labs, and refine skills in problem-solving, experiment design, and theory connection.

7EDU AP Class_ AP English Language and Composition

Amplify critical-reading and writing by analyzing nonfiction from various eras, mastering versatile essay crafting for explanation, argument, and persuasion.

7EDU AP Class_ AP English Literature and Composition

Dissect diverse literary works, technique analysis, interpretation, and persuasive writing skills across cultures and eras.

7EDU AP Class_ AP Macroeconomics

Decode system-influencing economic principles with data-driven insights and visual models, mastering outcome explanation and scenario prediction.  

7EDU AP Class_ AP United States Government and Politics

Navigate U.S. politics, dissect the Constitution, enhance analysis and craft persuasive essay linking to concepts in real-world scenarios.   

7EDU AP Class_ AP United States History

Unveil America's past, analyze pivotal moments, and engage with shaping narratives in AP U.S. History.

7EDU Test Prep Courses to Support Your Learning

Whether you take AP courses at your primary school or plan to self study, these following 7EDU AP courses will support you to have a successful learning experience during the school year, achieve high GPA and high scores in the national AP tests in May.

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7EDU AP Class_  AP 1-on-1 Private Course

7EDU's personalized AP 1-on-1 private courses  tailored for focused AP test prep to enhance your academic journey.
Contact us for details.

7EDU AP Class_ AP Projects

Delve into hands-on explorations and in-depth studies to enrich your learning experience. Contact us for details.

7EDU AP Class_  AP Key Test Points Review

B e AP exam ready master vital concepts and effective exam strategies. Available Spring 2024 .

7EDU AP Class_ AP Mock Tests Strategy and Review

Combine concept reviews, rapid checks, and skill-building to excel in the AP exams.  A vailable Spring 2024.

7EDU AP Class_  AP Calculus Preview

Get a sneak peek into AP Calculus. Build on a foundation of algebra, precalculus, geometry, and trigonometry for a head start. Available Summer 2024.

7EDU AP Class_ AP Chemistry Preview

Dive into key general chemistry concepts and skills. Get a preview of what's expected on the AP Chemistry exam.  Available Summer 2024.

7EDU AP Class_  AP Physics 1 Preview

Join our preview to conquer the initial 6 major areas, focusing on core concepts through active discussions and homework support.  Available Summer 2024.

7EDU_ AP Student Score Analysis_ AP Exams by subject (2021-22)

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