7EDU Independent Research

The traditional model of passively learning facts and reciting them out of context does no longer prepare students for today's world. Solving highly complex real-life problems requires that students have both fundamental skills (reading, writing, and math) and problem-solving skills (research gathering, information synthesizing, data analysis, utilizing technologies, and time management).

During 7EDU's independent research programs, students have the opportunities to undertake a scientific investigation of their own design.  Each young researcher, with the guidance of senior research mentors at 7EDU, will learn firsthand the process of designing and implementing an original scientific investigation, from beginning to end. All 7EDU research mentors graduate from top-ranked universities with an excellent track record of research and publications.

Students can explore research topics in Engineering Design, Environmental Science, Anthropology, Archaeology, Ecology, Epidemiology, Astronomy, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biological Science, Data Science, Computer Vision, Robotics, Psychology, History, Literature, etc. 

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