What to Do if I Am Waitlisted From UCs?

While UC admissions are rolling through and as we are nearing the end of the UC admissions cycle, many eager students are wondering what to do if they are waitlisted from their top-choice UC school. Do not panic, there are many steps you can take to potentially increase your chance to be accepted off the waitlist! Some UCs have higher acceptance rates off of waitlist from others, and here are some past statistics on waitlist admission data from previous years:

UC Berkeley | waitlist offered:3,760 | waitlist accepted:2,445 | admitted:1,340 | 55%

UCLA | waitlist offered:5,006 | waitlist accepted:2,910 | admitted:278 | 10%

UC Davis | waitlist offered:9,381 | waitlist accepted:3,112 | admitted:2,571 | 83%

UC Irvine | waitlist offered:8,366 | waitlist accepted:4,503 | admitted:835 | 19%

UCSB | waitlist offered:5,830 | waitlist accepted:3,252 | admitted:1,351 | 42%

UCSC | waitlist offered:9,983 | waitlist accepted:5,707 | admitted:4,097 | 72%

UC Riverside | waitlist offered:6,231 | waitlist accepted:3,737 | admitted:2,770 | 74%

*stats from College Kickstart

Now how can you maximize your chances to get off the waitlist? Students who were waitlisted are able to send waitlist statements to add additional information and to convey demonstrated interest. Here are the following details/information you may want to include in your waitlist statement:

  • A statement about why college X is your top choice and why it would be a great fit to help you develop (perhaps mention in particular to your major as well)

  • Any updates you had in addition to the information you included in your UC application, including:

  • Any new awards or honors

  • Any new activities/additional experiences

  • Any unusual circumstances

  • Any other information you may think would help admissions officers understand you better

Remember, many other students are also trying to get off the waitlist as well. In these statements, you want to include details that will differentiate you from other students.

If you would like more guidance and editing/crafting advice on your waitlist statement, please contact us for potential counseling guidance.

What to Do if I Am Waitlisted From UCs?
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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