7 Habits of Smart Students: Success in 2021

As learners progress through their academics, some may begin to struggle in school.

Depending on whatever reason that is causing this educational shortfall, most cases consist of students accumulating bad academic habits overtime.

This can look like:

  • Not utilizing a planner or calendar to monitor class assignments because you forget to pack it in your bag

  • Not performing well on exams because you are not preparing ahead of time and cramming the information all at the last minute

  • Not comprehending a core concept in class which in turn pushes you back for the next principle, and you gradually fall further behind

In today's blog article, we explore the routines that successful and brilliant students have in their daily lives. You will learn manageable actions that can support you towards a successful academic career in 2021.

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When it comes to improving any aspect of your life, it will require reasonable and rationally possible changes.

Below are 7 habits that intelligent students integrate into their successful routines:

Habit #1: Active Recall Studying

Start by incorporating your study practice with active recall.

Step 1: Write down the terminology, problem, or concept that you are attempting to solve.

Step 2: Write down the definition, explanation, or answer without the aid of outside information or notes.

Step 3: Verify your answer with your class notes and correct any mistakes that you have made.

This particular technique will substantially improve your exam performance in contrast with the passive reading from your textbook or lecture notes.

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Habit #2: Ask For Help, But Try To Find A Solution Yourself First

Intelligent learners have a strong habit of asking for help when they need it and feeling comfortable doing so.

Most people would identify this behavior as a growth mindset. It is okay not to know everything immediately and to combat that, it is alright to ask questions about the things that are difficult for you to grasp.

Although smart students realize that they are always free to ask for help, they are bright in that they place their best foot forward prior to doing so.

This can mean a variety of things such as reexamining the class notes or reviewing the textbook for additional clarification. And at the end of it all, a successful student would not hesitate to ask for help from the teacher, tutor, parent, or friend.

Habit #3: Getting Organized AND Staying Organized

One of the best and powerful ways you can improve your academic success in school is by being organized.

A lot of the time, many learners slack academically due to a lack of organization and structure in their academic schedule.

7EDU advises that you start the habit of getting organized AND staying organized with some of the following:

  • Play with some color-coding and labels

  • Prepare your school bag the night before to ensure you have all your necessary class materials

  • Establish a homework routine at a designated time every single day

And lastly, following up with your family to ensure that you are maintaining this organization.

Smart students not only develop an organizational routine, but they also work and receive help from their families to ensure that they are fulfilling their responsibilities.

Parents can help partake in their child's academic success by:

  • Appointing a time over the weekend to check-in

  • Setting an example by following through on the same responsibilities that your child is completing

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Habit #4: Saying No To Last-Minute Cramming

This goes hand-in-hand with your organizational skills and habits.

Smart students are hard workers who prepare beforehand and allocate themselves a study time each and every single day.

In order to be successful, you will have to say no to the impending conflict of cramming. Say no to waiting until the last minute to study for your exams or major assignments!

Cramming is not beneficial for most academic learners because it develops a lack of urgency when individuals are faced with a deadline.

In the short-term, this strategy may work for lighter class material. But in the long-run, students will need to learn core concepts at a much more profound level. The last-minute studying method will be unhelpful and counterproductive even.

Habit #5: Integrate Distributed Practice Instead

Following closely with removing last-minute cramming from your habits, a bright student will utilize distributed practice instead.

Also known as "spaced repetition," you should be incorporating bits and pieces of your study material every single day.

This approach is more advantageous and beneficial to students because the material being reviewed is given the breathing time to immerse with your thoughts.

Say for example you have an exam on Monday, you could take a full hour to study on Sunday.

Or, you could apportion the same amount of study time and divide them over a span of various days - 20 minutes on Tuesday, 20 on Thursday, and 20 on Saturday.

This strategy of spaced repetition will be more useful for long-term memory versus short-term.

Habit #6: Make Study Buddies

This is a fun habit that any student can start incorporating: making friends with those that you can prepare and study with.

Whether you are shy or outgoing, having a few other student friends to contact in your classes is crucial.

This is a smart habit to have for learners because it ensures that you will always have a buddy that you can ask for a quick clarification or study with when you have an approaching exam.

Habit #7: The Right Attitude Towards Mistakes

The last, but certainly not the least important, habit that smart students have is remembering not to dwell (nor avoid) academic or personal blunders.

In order to be a successful and bright student in 2021, you will need to develop and promote a growth mindset for yourself.

Your academic or life skills are not static and predetermined; you are able to improve these capabilities over time through your hard work and effort.

With the right attitude and stance towards your mistakes and errors, you will strive towards improving yourself become sharper the next time around.

Parents should support this particular mindset and self-talk for their children if they are looking to truly become a "smart student".

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7 Habits of Smart Students: Success in 2021
7EDU Impact Academy 7 July, 2021
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